It’s true what they say … we are infinite spiritual beings having a human experience.

Before a soul incarnates, it gets to choose quite a bit about the human life it will lead. We choose our parents, the people we’ll encounter, the lessons we come here to learn and ultimately, our soul purpose.

And what most don’t realize, is that the soul chooses it’s name.

Your birth name becomes your Soul Contract.

Sound is creative and all the life lessons the soul chooses to have is encoded in the sounds of your birth name.

Within your soul contract, we can discover your life purpose and the challenging patterns you’ll face (your learning lessons).

If you’re at a cross-roads and want some answers, this is a wonderful way to be able to gain insight and perspective into things that may not be “so obvious.”

It all begins with understanding, facing and healing our traumas … are you ready to begin the journey?

How it Works …

The procedure is based on an amazingly accurate system of numerology (sacred geometry) along with many elements of the Kaballah, Tarot and astrology.

Names are converted into the sounds of 22 phonetic Hebrew letters.

Hebrew is a sacred language that comes directly out of the movement and sound of God/Universe. This movement is contained in one of the most sacred geometric symbols on Earth, called the Flower of Life.

Sanskrit, another sacred language, when used in Indian Vedic readings, produces the same interpretations as the Soul Contract Reading work.

The purpose of this Numerology is to help us understand incarnated life under the influence of these energies. This is how our soul is choosing to grow.

In choosing a name, the soul will choose the frequencies that will create the Soul Contract it sets out to experience.

By listening to the sounds of your birth name, I’m able to de-code your Karmic patterns, talents you possess to overcome them, the goals you’re designed to achieve – and most importantly, your soul’s underlying mission.

Excerpts from “Your Soul Contract Decoded” by Nicolas David Ngan (my teacher).


Decoding @ninjathemonkeycatdog soul contract. How did I do? 🤗 To book a reading, please click the link in my bio. #spiritual #spiritualtiktok #soul

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Sample Soul Chart

Benefits of a Reading

  • Understanding the deepest soul truth of why you’re here on Earth. When you hear the truth of your life, it can bring great relief.
  • Get an understanding of the spiritual map of life that your soul planned out for your life.
  • See your full potential from your soul’s perspective for this lifetime.
  • Get a deep understanding of your karmic patterns and finally be able to move forward.

Once you book, I will carefully take the time to compile your chart, connect with your energy and deliver the reading via zoom (60 min).


Hi there … my name is Gellyahnah.

While I’ve been intuitive my whole life, my spiritual journey began post my divorce in 2016.

Since then, I have been healing my traumas, studying spirituality, getting initiated, and helping people awaken to their soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Each one of us is here right now playing a crucial part in the awakening process — and my role is to help you remember WHO YOU ARE.

You are more than just a human being having a physical experience.

You’re here for a very specific purpose.

I’m here to help people heal and transmute the negative energies (Karma) they came in with into the positive aspects of their goals – and ultimately soul purpose.

I’m here to help your heart heal.

I’m here to help you on the journey.


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