Soul Contract Readings, Divine Healing Sessions, and Intuitive Guidance

Soul Contract Birth Name Reading

Your ‘Soul Contract Chart’ gives a deeply meaningful interpretation of your own life experiences, to help view them from a Soul perspective, and to show you where you are currently at in your life, and where you are heading in the future.

This is a personal, one-on-one, live reading with Gellyahnah that will last 1-hour. It will be recorded for you.

The Digital Soul Contract

This is a wonderful, more cost-friendly, alternative to a 1:1 reading. With the digital soul contract reading, you will receive your Soul Contract chart as well as access to a library of videos explaining all the frequencies found within your chart as well case studies.

Soul Contract Relationship/Family Readings

Within a relationship reading, I’ll be able to look at your family members, life partners, as well as various versions of your own name and offer deeper layers of understanding to your life experience:

Common Use Names, Marriage Names, Name Changes &
Significant Relationships

Everyone’s birth certificate name is required for this reading.

Soul Contract Name Optimization

Soul Contract Name Optimization is a very powerful tool that can assist you to make radical change and transformation in your everyday life experience.

Everything in Creation is made up of Energy, which can be further broken down into … Light, Sound & Vibration

Hence the ‘Soul Contract System’ is based on the premise that the energetic sound frequencies inherent within our Birth Names & subsequent Overlay Names are actually creating our unique Life experiences on this Earth Plane.

Soul Contract Baby Naming

When a Soul chooses to incarnate on Earth, she/he transmits the desired name to the parents (or others offering the naming service) … in order to create the experience that this Soul wishes to experience in this lifetime.

By looking at the names that you’re thinking of using we can CONSCIOUSLY CO-CREATE with this newly arriving Soul, and optimize the frequencies which will give your baby the best possible start in life.

We will also check to make sure there are no frequency clashes with any other immediate family members.

Soul Contract Business Names

Oh yes, I do this for businesses too!

When choosing a company name, it’s important that the sound frequencies match up to the ones you carry within your soul contract.

It’s also important to use the vibrations that will be inviting, welcoming, and attract people.

Energy Healing – Connecting with The Creator

This healing session begins by setting your intention for what it is that you want to receive from the Creator. Your intention can be around anything that you need help with such as health, abundance, family, relationships, etc.

The wisdom and intelligence of the Creator is beyond our understanding and will always give what is highest and best for you in the moment. This intelligence knows exactly what your energy needs. 

Sitting in a comfortable position (so you don’t fall asleep), your only “job” during this session is to relax and receive the energy healing and all that the Creator wishes to give you. 

Majority of the session is done in silence.

This session is done via zoom, (please reserve 1.5 hours min). 

Intuitive Guidance

Sometimes we all need a little help deciphering a life situation.

If you’re in need of intuitive guidance, whether we’ve already done a soul contract reading together or not, please use this form to schedule.