Women’s Spiritual Retreat

Calling all women ready to feel deeper self-love, inner completion, and acceptance of their Divine Feminine nature. 

Join us for a 4-day powerful immersion of spiritual commune and healing with The Creator. 

This class also focuses on letting go of unhealthy attachments in partnerships and knowing that our sense of self-worth can only come from within. 

Whether in a partnership or looking to attract your Divine soulmate, this workshop will cater to both. 


WHEN: Friday, Aug 25th – Monday, Aug 28th; each day begins at 9am and goes to 7pm

WHERE: Phoenix, AZ (Katie’s Spiritual Retreat Center located in the Arcadia/Biltmore area)

If coming in from out of town, there are many excellent hotel and Airbnb options around the retreat center as it’s very centrally located in Phoenix. 

The core of everything …

As two single women who have “done the healing” work and have stepped into our Divine Feminine selves (both of us do spiritual work for a living), Katie and I still found ourselves with the same questions that many of you are asking …

Where is my Divine Soulmate?

Does he exist? Is he here?

Am I meant to be alone for the rest of my life?

How do I find him and how long will this take?

A while back, Katie began the merging process with her soulmate through a method she calls “Connecting with the Creator through prayers of the Soul.” And while it’s her story to share what has occurred since … all I can tell you is that both her and I were given a VERY direct message that we must bring this work/knowledge to our Sisters.

And Katie and I are not ones to disobey The Creator …

Within the last year, I began to do this work myself and the first thing that came up was a massive layer of heart healing that I needed to do in order to even want to allow male energy into my life. The Creator showed me that my vulnerability was completely shut off; I literally felt it in my heart and saw the moment my heart shut down.

The heart healing that followed was intense, and I’ll share the story in class … but after that things drastically shifted.

We knew that we had to get more serious about this, set a date on the calendar and begin channeling more information – and so we did.

It is truly our honor, to be able to share the work we have been doing to deeply connect to our Divine Feminine selves, heal our wounded feminine and open our heart (and literally soul), to our Divine Soulmate.

If it sounds magical, that’s because it is 🙂

During this 4-day workshop, we will be doing daily healings to attune you to this energy and you will have access to the recordings to continue doing the work on your own.

I want to stress that this IS NOT a manifestation workshop. We will not be “manifesting” a man into your life. We will be connecting to Source Energy / The Creator to begin the merging process with your Divine Soulmate (your soulmate ordained by God). It’s much deeper and more intricate.

So if you are ready to learn a new way of finding True Love, this is the workshop for you.

*** A note to the married women; you will very much enjoy this workshop as well because much of the information will be geared towards divine feminine, self-love and protecting your Divine Soulmate.

Daily Activities

Activities included listed below (more details will be added as we get closer because we are still planning the magic for all of you).

  • Daily healing sessions (Connecting with the Creator)

  • Daily ceremonies

  • Sisterhood bonding

  • Sharing of the channeled information on Divine Love (merging with Divine soulmate, self-love, protecting current love relationship)

This is for your if …

You are “over” modern dating

You are wanting to connect with your Divine Soulmate (not just manifest someone into your life)

You are in a loving, committed relationship and you would like protection over this relationship

You are in a relationship but are feeling un-settled

You want to deeply connect to your Divine Feminine self

You want to meet other like-minded women who are also seeking connection 

Your Hosts … Katie and Gellyahnah

A renowned spiritual teacher and healer, Katie Kyleen’s spiritual journey began when the doctors told her she had an incurable cancer-causing virus.

When seemingly all the traditional cures were failing, Katie was guided to perform a spiritual healing on herself. To her own, and the doctors’ shock, the cancer miraculously disappeared.

After witnessing her own spontaneous healing, she founded an energy healing technique called “Gateway Healing” and practiced that modality for many years, globally.

In more recent years, Katie’s healing modality has evolved (Connecting with the Creator) and she continues to work with people daily. 

She believes it’s everyone’s birthright to connect to Spirit for the purpose of healing. She believes that every problem in our life has an energetic solution and that in partnership with Spirit, miracles are possible. 

Katie also has a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Delphi University. 

Born with intuitive talents, Gellyahnah always felt different from everyone and from a very young age had a strong fascination with mysticism.

As a teen, she would seek out psychics, study astrology, palm readers, and any esoteric information she could get her hands on. 

While she was always in touch with this aspect of her essence, it was the end of her marriage in 2016 that took her on a healing journey and a deep spiritual quest. 

On her journey, she discovered the ancient methodology of the Soul Contract work, which allows her to help others heal and remember their purpose in this incarnation.

With a global clientele, Gellyahnah has been able to help many remember their soul’s Divine path.

Gellyahnah also a practices energetic healing (Connecting with the Creator).